Fighting the Signs of Aging

Woman applying creamThe anti-aging industry is worth billions of dollars annually. That’s not including money spent on surgical procedures to tighten the face, remove neck waddles, and inject Botox into facial areas that are losing their softness and spring. The real money is in creams, supplements, and gels; sprays, serums, and capsules. If you could reduce the signs of aging, no matter how inevitable they might seem, and no surgery was needed, wouldn’t you try? That might depend on how much it cost, but there are lots of approaches and cost varies. Here are some tips and products to try, many of which prevent some signs of aging before they start. Others will help reverse the damage.

Water, Water, Water

The first tip is for women to drink more water and cut back on caffeine which acts as a diuretic (dehydrates you). Reduce intake of alcohol and stop smoking too, but most of all, drink water. This will hydrate your skin while those other substances dry it out. They also cause your system to constantly fight against invading toxins instead of putting their effort into repairing skin cells and stopping the loss of elasticity which comes with age. Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes kill cells and this doesn’t help. You’ll age faster if you drink a lot of alcohol, smoke, love your coffee a little too much, and hardly ever sip water.

Vitamin C and Antioxidants

Help your body fight the bad guys: take a Vitamin C supplement and drink natural antioxidant teas without sugar or milk. Green tea is one and it’s available decaffeinated. Milk thistle detoxifies your liver, eradicating at least some of the poisons that kill cells, attack your immune system, and make you look old. Some anti-aging creams contain anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and can be applied directly to the skin.

Sleep Better

Get more sleep. Puffiness around your eyes will recede and immune response will improve. Grouchiness and fine lines from trying to concentrate with a foggy brain won’t deepen or expand as quickly. Your skin tone will be brighter. Also, stress tends to make you look old and too little sleep contributes to high levels of stress. Mind you, too much stress doesn’t help you sleep, so talk to someone about what’s bothering you too.

Block Sunlight

You need some sunlight to absorb the Vitamin D required to absorb calcium and prevent depression. What you don’t need is a day’s supply of UV rays battering your skin like a BBQ. Skin injured by sun exposure tends to dry out, develop dark spots, and generally look aged like an animal skin hung out to dry. Women who wear sunscreen, including makeup with SPF ingredients, and also cover up with a hat and sunglasses protect their facial cells against the worst that giant orb can dish out.