Weight Loss Supplements For Women

vitamins-521368_1280As much as we want to believe genetics are responsible for our size and shape, there are some elements of our lives contributing to higher numbers on the scales and waist sizes that are too wide for our age and height. Most women don’t want to dedicate their lives to fitness, and what’s a six-pack good for anyway? Really, what you want is to be healthy and to feel comfortable in your own skin. Although it’s hard to let go of the possibility your size isn’t your fault, it’s also empowering to know there is something you can do. One option is to take weight loss supplements.

Supplements for Women

Beware of cons and gimmicks: many of the top-rated products and programs are only good if you buy them in their purest form or complement them with another regimen. An example is Garcinia Cambogia, famously fruitful as a fat-burning star but only when accompanied by a detoxifying cleanse. Manufacturers of top Garcinia Cambogia products also recommend certain ones and the combo is not cheap. Garcinia Cambogia is said to suppress appetite, burn fat when you don’t change your diet, and more.

Moringa Tree extract is also touted as a suitable supplement because some people think it binds with fat, so it will come out during bowel movements. This is not scientifically proven or likely. Some extracts should come under further scientific scrutiny before consumers trust they will do them good of any kind.

Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Leaf, and Caffeine have all been touted as effective additions to your diet program or the means of enabling consumers to eat what they want but burn fat anyway. If a claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Detoxifying supplements like Milk Thistle aren’t necessarily bad for you: they do what they claim to do by helping to eliminate chemicals from your liver and/or removing stubborn waste that’s making you bloated. They also remove a lot of water from your system. The lower numbers on your bathroom scale will climb again once you get back to normal because you didn’t shed lipids or put on muscle to maintain your fat-burning potential. Your metabolism is the same and might have even slowed down if you reduced calories or cut out caffeine.

Better Supplements

Women should be taking a multi-vitamin so their entire system is working efficiently and fully all the time. This goes for hormone production, circulation, brain function, and more. Most diets aren’t sufficient to supply omega fatty acids which help you build muscle. They lack B-vitamins that support healthy moods, energy, and balanced blood sugar. Without enough probiotics, your gut is probably storing foods it can’t digest and bloated from all those bad bacteria. Your best bet is investing in a good-quality women’s multi-vitamin and eating well.